Create The Life You Want-50 hr

Oct 14-18, 2017

50 Hour Yoga Immersion

An Immersion designed to guide you into a greater understand of yourself & the ancient practice of yoga.  Are you ready to step into the brilliance of who you are? To unclutter your mind and develop skills that allow you to find grace in your day to day, even when life turns upside down. In this course you’ll explore aspects of yourself, by stepping into the practice of yourself. Yoga means ‘Union’ :: Union to Mind, Body and Spirit. You will learn skills that will help awaken what you already know in yourself and discover ways to implement the ancient teachings into your modern day world.

We will do a lot of self exploration with guidance and examine your current place in the world and where you want to move towards. With that insight we will work together to help devise a plan for your future and your heart.

Noelle Bovon:

I love deep work, and understand the inner workings of our minds and body is exciting to me. As well as helping you discover what inspires you and what moves you into greater alignment with who you are meant to be.

Mama, Founder and Owner and Manager of Balu Yoga & Wellness. Noelle is an unwavering optimist and humble warrior of the human spirit, deeply committed to helping her students see their potential. With great aspirations to become a philanthropist, she is a 500 hour trained teacher. Noelle’s life journey has given her the experiences that lead her into searching for something to help ground and keep her in the present. That’s when the practice of yoga became a  part of her life over 14 years ago. Her teachings are influenced by several traditions including hatha, anusara and early introductions to ashtanga yoga. Noelle’s practice and teachings are full of life, soul & the endless inspirations that this life provides. She will challenge you in mind and body while artfully finding movements that inspire inner connection. She believes Yoga is about finding love, light and connection in your body and most importantly having fun & laughter in your own practice.

Noelle is also a life and business mentor & coach; offering leadership retreats, yoga retreats, Yukon Yoga & River Trips, speaker & presenter and a multi passionate entrepreneur. Contact Noelle at to connect or work with her.

 We’ll explore the following topics and more. 

* Yoga Asana, Posture &  Alignment
* Yogic Philosophy’s, Practices & Principles 
* Partner Yoga
*Home Study
*Intro to Ayurveda
* How to integrate all of it into your life

Teacher: Noelle Bovon with guest teachers

Investment: $479

Dates: Oct 14-18, 2017

Hours: Oct 14 & 15 ~ 7:00-3:30pm Oct 16-18 ~ 8:30-4:30pm

limited space as this training is designed for small group. Register early

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Refund Policy: Refund of 100% is available up to 3 weeks prior to training. Refund of 75 % is available up to 2 weeks prior to training. Less the 2 weeks (14 days) no refund available.