Dear Balu Fam,

I’m disheartened to share the the PHO has issued yet another closure for our industry and others.

Please allow me to share that I feel 100% safe operating because of our covid protocols, safety measures and our UV air filtration system. I feel like these closures have negatively impacted our industry and I can say that we have continued to maintain a safe space for people to be in. Yet, my industry and many others have been negatively impacted and I think this year will continue to bring surprises. I stand with the other industries that have been so negatively impacted during this year.

I also know that the pandemic has taken an emotional and mental tole on our communities well-being. This is the focus of our business, providing a safe environment for our emotional and physical health.

As we continue to fight to be here for you, we need to ask this of you:

Please keep your membership active.

  • If your membership is currently active, we will not be automatically suspending or extending passes at this time. We need your support.
  • If you haven’t reactivated your membership, please consider doing so, request reactivation.
  • Active studio memberships are valid for our online zoom classes.
  • Should you be financially unable to continue paying your membership during this time please contact us.

Here are other ways you can support us:

  • Drop into a zoom class
  • Purchase gift cards here
  • Follow and engage with us socially IG & FB
  • Sign up for our studio emails HERE
  • Please leave positive reviews on google for us
  • Please be patient with us, it’s not our choice to close. We want to stay open and don’t feel this closure represents our industry standards or safety.

Once again, we appreciate your support and our community.

Noelle, the teachers & Balu Yoga community

We honor the territories of the Sinixt, the Ktunaxa, the Secwepmec and the Syilx in which the studio is built on.

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Why come to Balu Yoga & Wellness?
Our focus has always been on creating a supportive, kind and compassionate community. All of our teachers are highly skilled and experienced so that they can offer the best of themselves to you when you come to class. 
Community has been our ‘why’. When this studio was built, it was built to create a safe space for you to come and release stress and tension. A sacred space, just for you, to move through your emotions as you build strength, body awareness and flexibility. 
Balu changed my life… I don’t even know how to adequately express how I feel about your business. I loved Revy so much but I was struggling to make friends and found myself in a strange head space. I fell deeply into a scary depression. My boyfriend bought me a month pass to Balu. Within a few weeks I felt like myself again, but even better. Not only was I able to correct some alignment issues, but mentally I felt more powerful physically and mentally than I ever had before. I have always been into meditation, and I thought I was into yoga. But I had never, ever had yoga instructors like Balu offers. I swear to you that you’re hiring teachers with telepathy skills. All of them knew exactly what I needed each day that I arrived. I have been meaning to send you messages of gratitude for nearly a year now. I genuinely feel that you helped save my life. Unfortunately, due to timing, I was never able to attend one of your classes. But you better believe I’ve done your Youtube class about a thousand times since you posted it, haha. Special shout out to Meghan, who helped me understand how to feel my very best in my body. And to Eva, who helped make my body feel great but offers her students an escape from their anxious minds. I left Eva’s classes a very different woman than who I was when I entered. You really have something special going on there. I hope you are not suffering too much from Covid. The world needs more Balu’s. I’ve gone on a bit too much here. But Balu Yoga is a place I think about every single day. You’re doing incredibly important work and I am happy I am finally able to express a bit of my gratitude to you. Thank you ❤” Meg
“Balu is a positive space, with incredible instructors to aid in my connection with my mind, body & spirit. I am thankful for this establishment in my community, which is openly shared with locals & visitors. Namaste”
“A warm, inviting space with knowledgeable, diverse & inspiring staff and instructors. The yoga is fantastic, spa services and massage divine & a great selection of products and yoga wear is housed in the retail area! Highly recommend.”
Why come to Balu Yoga & Wellness? 
“Where you can find peace for your mind, body and soul.”
“Balu Yoga offers such a great variety of classes and teachers! Super helpful for healing during a difficult time.”

We honour the traditional linage of yoga while integrating present day knowledge and teachings.  Through yoga practices and workshops and massage therapy, our goal is to provide a sacred space to connect with spirit, to explore our soul’s journey and discover inner peace.

Balu Yoga & Wellness
414 1st Street West
PO Box 2456
Revelstoke, BC
Phone: 250-837-3975