Yoga              Etiquette

Yoga Class Etiquette

When in class, please observe the following:

Please do not enter the yoga room before everyone in the previous class has left.

Please wait for the room to empty.

Set up your mat being mindful if its a full class there will be 3 rows and you can help manage your mat is spaced out appropriately.

There is no talking in the yoga rooms.

Refrain from wearing perfumes and heavy oils. Many people are allergic to these scents and find them distracting.

Please wipe up your puddles after you have practiced.
Savasana is a sacred time.

Practice mindfulness when leaving class.

Please roll your mat without dragging it, gather your belongings quietly and close the doors softly behind you.

Be sure to advise your teacher before class if you have an injury/medical condition or are pregnant.

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The studio is open to the public, you will find the doors open 30 minutes prior to each class. Feel free to come in and have a conversation with us. For yoga, massage, physiotherapy or yoga clothing & wellness products, we have it all and love to meet new faces. Namaste

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Balu Yoga & Wellness
414 1st Street West
PO Box 2456
Revelstoke, BC