Numa Breathwork & Sound Journey



This is experience is for those looking for a transformative journey. 

As vibratory beings, sound permeates all the layers of our physical and energetic bodies. Our voice is our unique fingerprint, and when it is harnessed properly, it is the most direct path to self discovery, acceptance and healing. Together through voice-scapes and vocal meditations such as chanting and toning, we will release, cleanse and re-set though yoga asana (poses), breathwork, and sound.

Nūma Breathwork utilizes Conscious Breathwork as one of its key techniques yet is not limited to it.  In addition to the potent breathwork, Nūma Breathwork strategically incorporates select theories, principles, and techniques from somatic movement practices, somatic psychotherapeutics, and sound healing that bolster the breathwork practice and deeply support the client’s unique process.  The expansive view and strong foundational skill sets developed within Nūma Breathwork provides great flexibility for the practitioner when determining how to optimally implement the breathwork for therapeutic success.

What are the benefits of receiving Nūma Breathwork and Nūma Somatics sessions?

While the benefits vary from person to person and from session to session, in general the benefits of receiving a session include:​

  • Deep relaxation of body and mind

  • Detoxification, restoration, and oxygenation of the cells

  • Improved respiratory functioning

  • An increased sense of and capacity for aliveness and pleasure

  • Recognition and resolution of self-limiting beliefs

  • Resolution of suppressed and repressed emotions

  • Reduced stress and increased inner peace 

  • Development of new resources to engage life more stably and fully

  • Increased self-love, acceptance, compassion, joy, and trust

  • Deepening mental clarity, insight, expanded awareness, and spiritual growth

Date: Nov 11, 2022 6:30-9:30pm
Teacher: Noelle Bovon & Lisa Cyr
Price: $49

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As we evolve through this massive global shifts, we have the opportunity to either go deeper into ourselves and evolve or become more disengaged and disconnected. The choice is yours.

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