Learn simple & radical skills to decrease stress and anxiety through shifts in diet, lifestyle, mindfulness and supplementation
with Shannon & Noelle
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Have you every felt overwhelmed? Had waves of uncontrolled anxiety? Felt uneasy for long periods, or feel like being stressed has become a normal state of being for you? Do you ever experience social anxiety and overwhelm? Would love to learn how to quiet your mind, and find ways to feel comfortable with adversity? Finding your addiction to phone, social media, foods, people etc immensely distracting and unproductive.
This course will give you methods, tools and skills to help make the shifts in your life to move away from feeling anxious and stressed. Shannon and Noelle have created this healing course in order to give you tools to help with the ways in which you may feel unsupported and a bit lost.

We will teach you how to make simple lifestyle shifts and change what you eat, drink, and supplement to decrease stress and anxiety.”
Workshop topics include:
  • Your brain is part of your body
  • Microbiome and mental health
  • Circadian rhythm and sleep
  • Importance of micronutrients
  • Meditation and yoga practices to manage stress
  • Simple practices to help radically shift you out of a state of anxiety
  • Trauma and the relation to anxiety
Next Workshop Date TBA
with Shannon Mclean
BA in International Relations
Registered Holistic Nutritionist
& Noelle Bovon
Life & Business Coach
500hr YT
Mindfulness Teacher
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Refund Policy: Refund of 100% is available up to 3 weeks prior to training. Refund of 75 % is available up to 2 weeks prior to training. Less the 2 weeks (14 days) no refund available.

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