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My yoga journey began in high school. I learned about yoga online as a way to cope with anxiety, and I instantly fell in love. The moving meditation, the attention on breathwork, and focus on intention drew me in and continue to inspire me to practice.
For many years, I practiced as a student. However, during undergraduate studies at the University of Saskatchewan, I had the opportunity to train and teach as a yoga teacher. Yoga has been with me through my studies in medical school, my move from Saskatchewan to British Columbia, and my transition to become a family doctor.
I moved to Revelstoke in early 2023, and I fell in love with this community. Being an avid skier, climber, biker, and hiker, I knew that I could call this place home. I will be practicing as an family doctor in summer 2023, with intentions of serving this community and surrounding area.  
Being in the medical practice, I understand how important yoga can be for the treatment of many chronic illnesses, but more importantly, as a foundational pillar of preventative medicine. It is my goal to share my practice with my students to promote physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.


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