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I believe yoga is a way of life. A practice that can be integrated into everything you do, to create better balance and greater contentment on – but more importantly – off your mat. For me, yoga has brought a greater sense of awareness, trust, and ease to my life beyond what I could have ever comprehended. I hope to instill this in my students and help them to find a practice with yoga that betters their lives in a subtle but powerful way.

My introduction to yoga was a very informal one, with no ideas of what it was or would be. I went to my first class when I was 12 years old, and though I laughed through much of the short practice in the carpeted living-room of a small home, something stuck with me. Into my late-teens and early-adulthood yoga became one of my more regular “activities”, at first to help my running, and build more lean & toned muscles. It wasn’t until later in my 20s that I began to notice the deeper effects yoga was having on my life, which shifted my intention and grew my passion for the practice.

Following this passion, I continued to build my practice and knowledge of yoga, exploring a variety of approaches and teachers. I’ve studied and am certified in Ashtanga yoga, Yoga Nidra, Anatomy and Critical Alignment Therapy, and most recently Kundalini yoga. I’ve had the honor to teach all of these approaches to yoga, and continue to practice and offer a variety of styles depending on what is needed in my life, and for my students. No matter what style or class I’m teaching, there is the same underlying philosophy and beliefs thread through them all. I truly believe that yoga is for everyone, and that everyone can find an approach to yoga that is suitable to & supportive for their current circumstances, to create more peace and harmony in their whole lives.

In 2019, my partner and I welcomed our first son into the world, and now as a new mother, my yoga practice is more important (and more challenging!) than ever. With our values re-prioritized, we moved our family to Revelstoke in June of 2020, where we’ve long wanted to live. I’m honored to be able to share the practice of yoga here, and hope to contribute to this already strong community of intentional & focused people.

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