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 Noelle Bovon

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Interested in building a new business? Have a business and want to expand? Want to connect with like minded woman to build creativity, support each other and develop business skills?

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The Focus

Created for woman only. To help you design the life you want.This will be a group of like minded woman, who want to develop skills, build or grow your current business while building connections with other woman. This collective of like minded woman are passionate about growing community, developing skills, collaborating ideas and building heart centered work.
If this is something you are interested in and out of town you can also video conference in.

Content & Schedule
Topics covered:
  • What you need to think about when starting a business
  • Help you find clarity with your business & vision
  • Establish what your uniqueness gifts are
  • What should your priorities be in your business?
  • 5 Ways we earn money
  • Important marketing skills that will help you spread your word
  • How to handle your money. How to invest in your own business & financial well-being.
  • Make competition irrelevant
  • Create a business and work environment that is heart centered and profitable.
  • Is it time to scale your current business

We will start with the question of: what is the most important thing to think about when creating a product or service for profit?

Have a full time job and building something on the side? Not sure how to make a living from it? Wondering if it is a pipe dream or something to put your energy into? We will unpack this idea and more.

About the Teacher

About Noelle
An entrepreneur, mama, optimist, adventurer, mountain lover and I have a dream of becoming a philanthropist. I’m devoted healing and doing my inner work so that I can help others heal from pain and trauma, so that we can collectively create a kinder humanity – a humanity that sets clear boundaries, pauses before reacting, lifts each other up, is excited to see others succeed, and ultimately creating a world that is founded on kindness.
I imagine a world where we’re courageous enough to fumble in our growth and evolution – and patient enough to allow others to do the same. A world that teaches compassion over being better or worse than others, and were the cancel culture is eradicated.

My own spiritual transformation took hold in my early 20’s. I became enchanted with the works of Deepak Chopra and the likes. As I entered adulthood my own struggles from childhood became unmanageable and I needed to make some serious changes in my own life if I was to feel emotionally healthy. I began to prioritize my own self work and it was apparent that I needed to prioritize skills that helped me feel calm, centered and grounded so that I could have more social grace.

I believe with are in a social/spiritual/planetary revolution, and in order to create change in the world we are required to dive into our own inner evolution. I believe we must do our inner work in order to create the change we want to see in the world.

I am passionate about several things, entrepreneurship, conscious inner work, skiing, mountain biking, running, yoga, meditation, dancing in my kitchen with my daughter and deep conversations – to name a few.

I have grown a life rich in experiences; leading river and mountain expeditions between the Yukon and Mexico boarder, working high end guiding trips in Europe and Canada, and building my first business in 2011 and growing that into a mini wellness empire in Canada and beyond.

I believe when we learn the skills to help us transform our pain and struggles, we become more courageous and kind people. I am passionate about doing my own inner work because I believe it allows us to create the life we want and live with ease and pleasure.

Love, Noelle

Noelle also offers counsel and therapeutics, yoga retreats & trainings, speaker & presenter and is a Numa Breathwork facilitator. Contact Noelle at noellebovon8@gmail.com to connect or work with her.
We’ll explore the following topics and more:
Yoga asana, postures & alignment.
Yama’s & Niyama’s.
Managing our energy.
Home study.
Healthy life practices.
Learn how to seamlessly integrate all of these teachings into your current life.

Satisfaction Guarantee: My goal is to continue to improve everything I offer. If this course doesn’t meet your expectations or you felt it wasn’t a good use of your time, I offer a 7 day money back guarantee. After the end of the course, if this course didn’t meet your needs I will refund the entire cost of the course.


Q. Do you have to attend in person?: There will be a limited number of in person spaces and online spaces as well.

Q. How many people can join this workshop?: 10 ppl in person and 8 ppl online.

Q. Can I continue on with the 21 days focused manifestation process if I participate online?: Yes, the option to join the manifestation process will be available to all who complete the January 1st workshop.

Q. Should I bring a friend?: It’s up to you, you can do this on your own or with a friend.

Q. Is this challenge right for me if I’ve never participated in any form of manifestation?: Yes, this course is perfect even if you’ve been practicing manifestation for years, or you’re new to it. You will come out of this course with a sense of clarity and purpose.

Or email yogarevelstoke@gmail.com

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