Carmen’s yoga journey started in university, as a tool that helped shed the layers of stress off her body. It began simply to ease her back from hours of seated computer work, and soon turned into an inspired practice that helped balance her mental health.

Carmen is a learner, and seeking to know more about the practice, she journeyed to Nepal and studied for a month at her first 200 HR YTT. Vinyasa and Hatha yoga and its philosophy lit her body and mind with a sparking new outlook on the world.

Since then, Carmen has participated in another 200 HR YTT with Shift Power Yoga in Kelowna. Her relationship with yoga is a beautiful physical expression of who she is, flowing and changing everyday. The practice reminds Carmen that everything is impermanent, and that beauty lies in every moment if one grounds oneself.

Carmen’s teaching style is hands on and all about leading you in movement that makes YOU feel peaceful, and leaves you inspired.