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eSteve was born in Ottawa, and landed in Revelstoke after enjoyable layovers in Kingston, Whistler, and Tofino.

He’s doesn’t quite fit the mold of the typical teacher, identifying as a male, with quite finite flexibility, and an education in western science (engineering), but as he’s learned over the years… yoga isn’t just about flexibility of the body.

His yoga voyage began in 2011 in Whistler with a Restorative Class, and since then, as life has ebbed and flowed, yoga been a steady anchor that has helped him weather life’s storms. Just as the ocean can be both calming and powerful, for Steve yoga has been a source of both peace and strength.

He was a student for quite some time before before exploring the seat at the front of the class . After over a decade and 1000+ (hrs) of in studio classes in a variety of styles & lineages of yoga, he completed his 200hr Yoga Alliance Certified Certificate at Coastal Bliss Yoga in Tofino under the tutelage of Rebekka Walker, Natalie Rousseau, Jacky Challenger, and Heidi MacPherson.

He will always be a student at heart and for continuing education has completed the following notable courses and workshops over the years:
-‘The power of breath’ with Clara Roberts-Oss
-‘Yoga Assists (adjustments)’with Clara Roberts-Oss
-‘Acro Yoga’ with Katie Thacker and Brandon Sherbrook
-‘Teaching with intention’ by Jacky Challenger and Heidi MacPherson
-‘Restorative Teacher Training’ by Rebekka Walker

Off the mat Steve enjoys exploring mountains by skis & bike, and coastlines by kayak & surfboard.


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