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Get To Know Us

Balu Yoga’s first inception into the community of Revelstoke was in 2007 – at the time, there were no other yoga studios in Revelstoke. It began as project of passion and remains to be. We have been witness and part of the change in Revelstoke over the years, which has been an absolute thrill to be a part of.  Building a studio that is based on creating sacred space were we can all work through our own challenges, successes, joy and pain and support each other has been an incredible journey over the years. One that has offered us a deep appreciation for the community and place we call hOMe.

We are a studio that is deeply connected to the ancient teachings of yoga and weave in our modern language with our teachings. motivated by creating sacred space, a space for a practice of the mind, body & spirit. We hold true to living our practice as teachers, and practice our teachings. As a business, Noelle runs our the studio with the same intelligence; holding integrity, compassion and heart in everything we do is very important to us. We are humble practitioners of the teachings and of being consciousness business owners. Living our work.  We are human and make mistakes, but when we take those missteps we learn, grow and evolve from there. We hope that we can allow those experience and teachings to support our students so that we can grow together as a community.

 We, the teachers and staff and Noelle look forward to connecting with you in the studio. Noelle Bovon 


“Balu is a positive space, with incredible instructors to aid in my connection with my mind, body & spirit. I am thankful for this establishment in my community, which is openly shared with locals & visitors. Namaste”
“A warm, inviting space with knowledgeable, diverse & inspiring staff and instructors. The yoga is fantastic, spa services and massage divine & a great selection of products and yoga wear is housed in the retail area! Highly recommend.”
“Where you can find peace for your mind, body and soul.”
“Balu Yoga offers such a great variety of classes and teachers! Super helpful for healing during a difficult time.”

New To Yoga?

Congratulations you made it this far. We completely understand how intimidating yoga can be, especially with all those images of pretty women in fantastically challenging poses with the most amazing backgrounds. Let me assure you, that is not what yoga is about. But those images are nice to look at!

We value that we are ALL built differently. That both men & women benefit from yoga. That we all come to yoga for different reasons, which could include: wanting more peace of mind, needing to calm down and reduce stress, strengthening your body, healing from injury, to lose weight, to increase flexibility, to keep your body strong for other activities, to balance work & family, and for mental health. There is not only one reason that brings us to the practice.

We at Balu include EVERYONE as having a unique story. We work hard to create an environment that is supportive and safe for ALL practitioners. If you ever want to connect with us before coming, please send an email to yogarevelstoke@gmail.com or call 250-837-3975. We are here to help you in anyway we can.

Let us show you how yoga can be a step in changing your life.

Studio Etiquette

  • There is no cell phone activity permitted in the studio beyond the shoe area. Please turn them off prior to entry.
  • Keep in mind that there are classes in session and a softer voice is needed.
  • Please move through all areas quietly and mindfully and close all doors softly behind you.
  • Many classes are very busy and the studio operates on a first come, first serve basis.
  • If you have registered through online sign-in you must arrive a minimum of 10 minutes prior to class start time.
  • A coat/bag storage area is located in the studio and you can store your items there while in class.
  • Balu Yoga & Wellness is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles.

Yoga Etiquette

  • Please do not enter the yoga room before everyone in the previous class has left. Please wait for the room to empty.
  • Set up your mat being mindful if its a full class there will be 3 rows and you can help manage your mat is spaced out appropriately.
  • There is no talking in the yoga rooms.
  • Refrain from wearing perfumes and heavy oils. Many people are allergic to these scents and find them distracting.
  • Please wipe up your puddles after you have practiced.
  • Savasana is a sacred time. Practice mindfulness when leaving class. Please roll your mat without dragging it, gather your belongings quietly and close the doors softly behind you.
  • Be sure to advise your teacher before class if you have an injury/medical condition or are pregnant
We have yoga and meditation classes for all ages and abilities.

Have you considered the benefits of offering yoga in your workplace?

We can arrange private sessions for your employees at the studio or at your place of work.

Let us help you build a stronger workplace by helping to reduce stress, and finding ways to build cohesion within your team.

By offering yoga, it will help you in creating a healthier and happier workplace.

Interested?  Contact Noelle at info@baluyoga.com or call 250-837-3975

Benefits of YOGA for employees:

  • Join Our Newsletter reduces stress and tension
  • improves focus, concentration and memory
  • detoxifies and tones muscles
  • relieves head, neck, and back strain
  • increases overall physical and mental health
  • aids posture and flexibility
  • inspires a better day!

Balu Yoga & Wellness
414 1st Street West
PO Box 2456
Revelstoke, BC
Phone: 250-837-3975
E-mail: info@baluyoga.com