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Dates: Nov 10 – 12, 2023 | Friday Nov 10 6:30-8:30pm | Saturday Nov 11 11:30am-2:30pm & 6:30-8:30pm | Sunday Nov 12 12:00-2:00pm
Location: Balu Yoga & Wellness
Price: From $49 to $149


Friday Nov 10 6:30-8:30pmYoga Philosophy Satsang

An evening of Yoga Philosophy and “sitting in truth” directed by the participants. Sannyasi Śivani holds space as a hollow bone, receiving teachings to share based on YOUR questions. Ask about the things you’ve always wanted to dive deeper into and wondered about. Possibility to integrate a guided meditation and or/pranayama.
2 Hours – $49

Saturday Nov 11 11:30am-2:30pm – Prana in the Pose

An exploration of Asana through the Vayus – or winds of the body, and how they are a crucial link between “doing” a posture, and “evolving” through a mandala or gesture of light using the body. When we link the Mind’s focus, the awareness of Prana or energy, and the optimal alignment for each of our bodies, we can truly start to experience, absorb and calibrate our frequencies to the medicine of each Yoga Asana pose.
3 Hours – $69

Saturday Nov 11 6:30-8:30pm – Mantra, Light Code & Frequency Entrainment Meditation – The Path to Healing, Light & Peace 

For most, the Yogic journey starts with Asana, but Yogic life does not start, nor end with one’s physical practice. Mantra provides the opportunity to deepen practice and evolve to open to a higher vibration and more subtle level of awareness.

If you seek to live with awareness on all levels and actively engage in both self-healing, as well as healing for the larger community and Mother Earth, Mantra is the next step in your journey. The practices presented in this workshop are so powerful they have the ability to purify and balance dis-ease and transform, refine and balance emotions. Sound Meditation builds on this through a collaborative co-creation of layers using Mantra, drumming, harmonies and light codes. The delicious result is something that must be experienced!2 hours – $49

Sunday Nov 12 12:00-2:00pm – Masterclass

Experience a 90-minute Yoga practice to refine your pranic awareness in Asana. This is an incredible opportunity to evolve your practice on the mat into a moving prayer. There will be 30-minutes following the practice to integrate with questions and answers.
2 Hours – $49

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About Sivani and Solace & Shine

Through my work as a Teacher of Yoga, I guide the Community through all aspects of living and embodying Spiritual Life through foundations of love, service, and Yoga Ecology teachings. Increasingly, I’ve been asked to utilize my mediumship skills and intuitive practice to support both individuals and large groups through “big questions,” finding purpose, or moving through major life transitions. More recently, my artworks have elevated these experiences and have opened new portals in those I serve, as well as myself.

I live on an off-grid Ashram and Regenerative Farm in Ktunaxa Homelands with my beloved husband and son, beasts, critters and plant friends. I choose to live simply,  close to Earth, and in service to Gaia. 

For 20+ years I have taught Yoga – specialized in Yoga Philosophy and Psychology, supporting people moving through deep change, grief, birth, crisis and illness. 

I’ve trained in INDIA for 12 years to deepen my understanding of the human mind, and more importantly the human heart, and this has lead me to teach Soul Anatomy and Spiritual unfoldment internationally, as well as build an Ashram* for advanced studies in the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia. 

You can read about my crazy real life tales in my book – The Yoga of Remembrance (on Amazon), and soon my first novel – Land’s Breath – which has gained a letter of Distinction from the Humber School of Writing.

Shivani 1057

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