What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a Japanese “hands on” healing technique based on traditional oriental healing principles and modern anatomy and physiology theory. Literally translated as “finger pressure”, Shiatsu consists of simple manipulations and pressure applied to acupuncture meridians and points. Hence, it has been called “acupuncture without needles”.

Shiatsu aims to regulate the energy known as “ki” or “chi”, which flows through these meridians, nourishing the organs, muscles, glands, nerves and blood. An imbalance in this energy network can lead to fatigue, pain and illness. Shiatsu treatments help to relieve stress and pain, improve muscle and joint function, strengthen the body, and improve health and well being.

Today, many styles of Shiatsu are taught and practiced in Japan and throughout the world. The most widely known are the Masunaga, Namikoshi, and Ohashi styles. Shayla’s integrated technique utilizes Masunaga and Namikoshi styles with both Zen and Traditional Lines.

Treatments are given in a safe, comfortable environment, which promotes relaxation. The practitioner will use either a futon or a low table. The client is usually clothed and generally no oils are used. Pressure is applied with hands, thumbs, fingers, elbows and knees according to the style of Shiatsu practiced and adjusted to each client’s needs.

How Can Shiatsu Benefit You?

  1. STRESS – ie The Nervous System

*Shiatsu sedates the “fight and flight” response caused by emotional, mental and environmental STRESS and simulates the “rest and digest” response, allowing the blood pressure to decrease, the heart rate to slow and steady as the sympathetic neural firing is subdued

*During this “rest and digest” or “re-set” the immune system is allowed to return to normal activity to keep you healthy with help from the lymph system

*Pressure to the cranium and sacrum stimulates the parasympathetic nerves through cutaneous-visceral reflex arch to again, switch down to a space of healing and re-set.

2 . Muscles

* releases musculoskeletal complaints

*Improves nourishment of muscles

*Tension in muscles can actually pull on their attachments to the vertebrae, causing misalignments; by relaxing the pull of tonus of muscles along the spine, minor adjustments can spontaneously occur

* Stretches and movement of joints help to lubricate the joint capsule with synovial fluid

3. Circulation

*Insufficient functioning of the walls of the lymph vessels leads to edema; by working on the whole body, shiatsu affects circulation and flow of body fluids

4. Metabolism

* Stimulates cellular metabolism

* the Endocrine system controls metabolism by way of the thyroid gland, shiatsu pressure applied to areas of the neck help regulate hormonal secretions from the thyroid gland -working on the abdomen, on the liver and pancreas reflex areas, shiatsu improves the functioning of these organs, both vitally important for cellular metabolism

5. Digestion

* Pressure directly on the abdomen brings blood to the stomach and intestines, enhancing nourishment to these organs and allowing for digestion of food and absorption of nutrients


*Maintains skin elasticity

*Improves functioning of both sweat and oil producing sebaceous glands to release toxins from the body

*Increases blood circulation and nutrients to the skin

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