YEAH!! Excited to announce our reopening. As always, our priority is about creating a loving and easeful space for you to come and unpack your inner world, stretch your body and release energy.

We want you to walk into a space where you feel welcome and can leave anxiousness at the door. Our goal is to help you relieve stress instead of amplifying it. We haven’t felt rushed to reopen, we’ve been respecting the slow apprehension we’re all experiencing about how to emerge from this great silence. Wanting to honour the nervousness so many are feeling about re-engaging yet create a space that feels like hOMe.

Here’s our plan!

Currently opening the doors June 1!

The first week June 1st – June 7th we are offering a week of FREE classes. Encouraging online registration yet able to book ahead in person at the studio, by phone or drop into a class.

For the first FREE week of classes, please do not book yourself in if you’re unable to commit to attending the class.  

Free classes for the week of June 1-7 will become available online to register 1 day ahead of time. Please do not register for a class you’re not sure if you’ll be able to attend. We have limited spots and want to serve those who can commit. All welcome, long time practitioners of the studio and we’re super excited to meet new people as well! There will be someone at the front entrance for every class to help ease you when you walk through the doors and show you how to easily sign in and get set up.

Initially we’ll have 9 spots per class available. We have spots marked on the floor where you can put your yoga mat. You can bring your own mat or rent one of ours.

The first week and beyond you’ll be able to cancel pre-booked spots up to 4 hours before the class. Outside of that you’ll be charged the drop-in rate for no shows for unlimited passes and a pass deducted of 10 and 20 time punch passes. This is because of our limited spots and wanting to keep available spaces for those who are able to commit to attending classes.

As the weeks move forward, we will open up more spots per class while abiding with provincial guidelines and the emotionality of our community.

For those who are unable to attend classes in person, we will have 1-3 classes available by live stream. Stay tuned for those details.


We’ll have these details posted on the windows outside the studio. Payments can be made online or in studio with cash, debit or credit.


  • 2 people at a time in the front lobby. This does not include whoever is working the front desk. We have covered outdoor space while you wait.
  • We will write your name on the sign in sheet. Register online ahead of time or call 250-837-3975 to be booked into class. Drop-in’s are welcome if there is space.
  • We can process payments in studio or online.
  • Please wash hands once paid or signed into class.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided for those who want.
  • Mats: You can rent one of ours or bring your own ** mats: If you rent one of ours, you’ll clean it after and bring to the front desk, we will wash down once again before the next person uses it.
  • You’re welcome to use bathrooms and change area as needed. Extra hand towels will be provided in washrooms.

In class:

  • You’re welcome to tea and lemon water if you want. Your discretion. We will sanitize glassware after classes.
  • Props: You can use the props in the studio, you’ll be able to wash down blocks after class. If you want to use a bolster/foam block/blanket you’re welcome to bring a CLEAN towel to place overtop of the bolsters & foam blocks, or you can use without a towel – it will be your discretion.
  • Markers are on the floor of the studio space for mat placement. Place the front of your mat so that the dot is in the middle of your mat.  
  • We can keep the studio door open to provide fresh air flow in studio space. Bring a sweater in case you feel cool or for savasana.

Exiting Studio:

  • Exit after class will be slow to allow for spacing.
  • Please clean props and leave on the floor (in front of prop area) to dry at the end of class.
  • Those who want to leave quickly can have shoes in the studio and leave out the studio door.
  • Those who want to socialize in the studio space after class are welcome to stick around and connect with others, as long as there isn’t a class starting within 30 min. So that we can have the lobby set up for easy exit.
  • You’re welcome to connect with the teacher after class in the studio space if they’re able to stick around.

General Information:

  • The building will be regularly cleaned. Including bathrooms, surfaces, and studio floor.
  • The point of opening is to create a space for you to relax and unwind, in no way to do intend to have a space that feels tense or makes you nervous. Please connect with Noelle with any concerns you have 250-837-3975 or email

Passes & Memberships:

If you have a pass and you won’t be able to use it before the expiry date please message Noelle directly at There are a lot of passes out there, and I’m one person trying to make sure everyone is taking care of. So if you reach out to me, it will help me make adjustments to just the people who require the extensions. Thank you so much for your patience as we reopen.

If you are displaying any symptoms of fever, respiratory issues or are not feeling well please join us again when you’re feeling better. Also, if you’ve recently been in contact with anyone whose been diagnosed with covid-19 please do not attend any classes.

We look forward to sharing space and practice with you.

With heart

Noelle & all the teachers and beautiful happiness ambassadors of Balu Yoga.