Numa Breathwork Immersion


Date: Oct 20-22, 2023
Duration: 3 days
Location: Balu Yoga & Wellness – In Person
Price $415


Friday 6:15-9:30pm | Saturday 9:45am – 5:00pm | Sunday 9:00 – 5:00pm


Join us for a rich weekend of curious adventures, woven seamlessly into a transformational journey that will expand your mind, open your heart, rejuvenate your body, and inspire your soul.

So many of the great spiritual traditions teach that love is the answer, but when was teh last time you sat down with ‘love’, and discovered your definition and felt experience of it? Using Numa Breathwork, contemplative dyads, and embodiment practices, we will spen a weekend Re-Imagining Love.

In this immersion you will:

  • Encounter love in unexpected ways
  • Experience 3 Numa Breathwork Journeys
  • Experience a confidential & loving healing space
  • Learn how your body’s tensions and habitual breathing patterns may be representative of your stored stress and trauma
  • Foster deep relaxation, resolve stress and increase energy
  • Cultivate clarity of mind, heightened awareness and connection to self, others, and life.
  • Experience layers of guided exploration that will co-creatively support you in recognizing limiting beliefs, procession and digesting old emotions and stresses, and locate new insights and possibilities for your life.

Trevor Yelich’s Story


 I began questioning conventional beliefs as a child and started exploring the nature of reality around 14 years of age.  I went on to voraciously explore and study a wide array of body-mind practices and healing arts over the past 26 years.  During this period, I went through approximately seven years of what some might refer to as a dark night of the soul culminating in a 16-month hermitage aimed at waking up.

Little known fact: I started out as an engineer…but quickly knew this wasn’t my path.

 In addition to my therapeutic work, I taught Yoga for 15 years, co-developed and co-facilitated numerous 200-hour yoga teacher trainings for both Trinity Yoga and Gaiatri Yoga, and in recent years developed and facilitated Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator trainings and Nūma Somatics Facilitator trainings.  I have had the blessing of sharing these trainings and related workshops all across Canada as well as leading yoga retreats in Canada, Costa Rica, and Peru.

The richness of these studies, the gamut of my life experiences, and a deep curiosity about reality, perception, and the seamlessly inter-connected mechanisms of mind and body have led to an increasingly integrated approach to healing work.

Find out more about Trevor HERE

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