Jess Wyslouzil

I fell deep in love with yoga from the moment I stepped onto a mat, in 2012. I knew in that first class that I would teach yoga. And so, I was a registered 200 hr yoga teacher by spring the next year, and also became a co-owner of a yoga studio!

Since that certification I have trained to the 500 Hour level under South Okanagan Yoga Academy.  I have also enjoyed studying and training in person, online, or via written content under many beloved teachers.

Yoga has become my way of being – it is my foundation from which I live my life. It IS me, extending into all aspects of my existense. Just as in a solid evolving relationship, I still feel passion for yoga, but it has become a deeper, supportive and understanding passion. I live my yoga whilst hiking, travelling, skiing, nursing, teaching sexual health classes, and in all of my relationships.  
I enjoy teaching a variety of asana classes; from spicy flows to gentle restorative to yin to hatha. I love pranayama. In my classes you will likely be asked (if comfortable) to connect inward to find the breath within the body, and let the breath do the leading. It can be our most powerful teacher. 
Yoga is meant for every person that wants it, no matter their shape, history, or health. I strive to make my classes accessible, down to earth, and inward reaching. I look forward to meeting you.

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