Wednesdays 12:00-1:15pm
with Nat Spittal

July | 5 sessions | $75
August | 4 sessions | $60
September | 5 sessions | $75

Prenatal yoga can help prepare you for labor and promote your baby’s health. It can help alleviate discomfort during pregnancy, improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, increase the strength, flexibility, and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth, decrease lower back pain and nausea, improve circulation, promote better baby positioning and increase the chance of shorter labor time.

Nat is a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher with her Advance Yoga Teacher Certification. Her classes are modified for comfort throughout pregnancy and have a powerful effect on the women’s body, self-confidence, childbirth experience, and postpartum recovery. You don’t need any yoga experience and can start at any stage of pregnancy, even in the last month.

Make a little time in your week to nurture your well-being by connecting with yourself, your baby, and other beautiful mothers to be.

                                          *minimum numbers required to run series

Refund Policy: Refund of 100% is available up to 3 weeks prior to training. Refund of 75 % is available up to 2 weeks prior to training. Less the 2 weeks (14 days) no refund