Intro To Meditation Series with Cam McGeough

Wednesdays 7:30pm | $59 per series 

March 10-31, 2021

This series introduces basic meditation concepts and techniques in an approachable way. No previous experience is required. Whether you are brand new to meditation, or already have experience and are looking to deepen your practice– this workshop offers opportunities to connect with stillness and expand your life’s potential.

Often people talk about how they can’t quiet their mind, so they can’t meditate. Cameron will show you simple and effective techniques that you can practice at home and learn how to meditate.

The practice of meditation is scientifically backed as a profound practice for creating peace and calm. It also helps with focus, improving mental clarity – while helping with productivity and improves your relationship with yourself and others. To gain the full benefit of this practice join Cameron Wednesday’s at 7:30pm.

Expect 20 min meditations. The first week will be an hour intro and conversation with meditation. The weeks following will vary with meditation techniques and styles and will also run about 20 min with structured conversations afterwards. Expect sessions to last 45 min.

Limited space | Register early yoga revelstoke