Intro To Yoga Series

Sundays 10:30-11:45am | Oct 4 – Oct 25 $71 | Nov 1 – Nov 29 $89

Teacher Lyndi Shaw

Can’t touch your toes? Not flexible? Does everyone keep telling you to go to yoga – even your doctor? Worried about looking like a fool? Or just want to get into yoga and nervous about walking into a room as the ‘new one’? Than this series is for you.

You’ll walk into a room with people just like you. People of all shapes, sizes, ages and life experience. You’ll be shown how to set up your mat, what props you need, and we’ll start with the absolute basics of yoga. Nothing fancy, just simple and easy teachings to help you acclimatize to yoga and the postures.

This practice is designed to help bring ease to your nervous system and life. The physical practice is a ‘youth serum’ – because of the actions that move, stretch and wake up your joints help keep you agile and feeling youthful. The benefits include better balance, strengthening muscles, increasing flexibility (of mind & body) while easing tension and stress. The how mindfulness practices will leave you feeling more grounded and good when you walk out of a class.

Yoga doesn’t have to be complex and you certainly don’t have to look like an Instagram model. Benefits don’t come from pictures, they come from how you feel when you leave a class.

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