Sheri Zebroff

Mama, spirit junkie and lover off all things bright & beautiful and co-founder of Balu Yoga. Sheri’s roots for yoga extend back to her childhood as she stretched alongside her mom following Kareen Zebroff’s ABC’s of yoga in the 1970′s. Sheri’s experience in yoga has been influenced by the guidance of Martina & Jergen Schnelle of Kamloops who have a strong Iyengar influence and by the Salt Spring Center of Yoga which follows the classical ashtanga yoga system practicing the eight limbs of yoga guided by yoga guru, Baba Hari Dass.

Approaching life with holistic principles Sheri is proud to offer to Registered Massage Therapy at Balu Yoga & Wellness. She recognizes the importance of treating the body as a whole always including the intention to address body, mind & spirit often integrating reiki, healing touch and aromatherapy kinesiology into treatment session. Sheri feels truly blessed to be a part of the Revelstoke yoga community working with beautiful souls on the continual path of self discovery.

“Teach to Learn” Baba Hari Dass