Leah was raised in Revelstoke and has always lived an active lifestyle. She has been involved in various sports, both playing and coaching them. Hey yoga journey began in 2012 at Balu after being involved in a car accident that injured her back and restricted her from lots of her favourite activities.

Leah started out with fast paced & strong flows, building her strength back, sweating, and helping calm the mind and bring attention to the breath. This brought to Leah the same feeling as playing sports, or running would bring. Over the years her practice has slowed down, bringing even more attention to breath, listening to the body, and exploring different movements in traditional postures.

Leah completed her 250 hour teacher training at Lanagra College in Vancouver for Hatha yoga. In her class you will find grounding, pranayama, postures for all levels, and room to bring your own creativity. Leah is a hands off instructor and guides through demonstration and verbal cuing.