One man band/Bodyworker, Ivan Blanco has an incredibly loving and welcoming presence that emanates from his passion for healing, movement and music.

Born in to the world of the ancient healing arts Ivan was inspired and taught, to heal himself, and others by his Mother and her Acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinic. His father a self taught gypsy/rumba musician roused Ivan’s passion for musical expression, spending many nights watching, dancing and playing with him and  the band. Yoga entered his life as a teenager along with surfing and martial arts. All movements he found to be incredibly uplifting, expressive, healing and intuitive. It wasn’t until After moving to Canada 2016 to snowboard, make music and work as a massage therapist, Ivan fell in love with Acroyoga. The need to be more flexible and strong, as well as the need of a community to nurture his new found love inspired him to host regular classes, jams.

With the support and encouragement of the community, Ivan completed his 200 hour YTT at Welwinds Therapeutic Spa and Yoga under the expansive knowledge and guidance of teachers Charlie Pentland and Dr Joey Pucci of Chief Yoga and Wellness.

Ivan’s classes are beginner friendly and empowering to the regular practitioner. You will find them guiding you to listen to your body and move in a way that is healing and respects your body’s needs.

“Beyond feeling good, building strength and flexibility , tuning in to the subtle energies and getting to know my self, I am constantly discovering yoga and what is to me. “