Life & Career Coaching

with Noelle Bovon

What is Life & Business Coaching?

I help people set personal and professional goals that will help them Create The Life They Want. Most people that use coaching are successful, healthy people that are looking to take their goals to the next level. I also work with folks who are stuck, frustrated, and/or unmotivated dealing with big challenges (health-wise, financial, career, family) and want help finding their way to the other side of the challenge. I help you establish clear intentions and goals, and offer tools to Creating The Life YOU Want. I help you identify your goals – get out of your head and take real action that will propel you towards the success your looking for in you’re life, career, relationships, health and wealth. Then I figure out how to sustain that long term. Consider me a strategist for your life. There are so many ways we get in our own way – my role is to help you figure that out and find ways to move beyond those patterns.

Financially wealthy but emotionally bankrupt? I can help you find a path that will bring life back to your work and soul. I can help you figure out what would be the best next step to Creating The Life You Want. Not just the life others think you should lead.

I will help you with remaining accountable, inspired and motivated. Expect to do deep work with me, to do the hard work. I ask that you’re willing to put time in for this, real time. That we will work hard together. We will tackle tough questions, and head into the muddy waters of distilling thoughts and clarifying dreams.

I work with a combination of my extensive training & education, life experience, and deep desire to help YOU find what lights YOU up, what makes YOU shine, and what moves YOU towards feeling great in your life. I am a multi passionate entrepreneur, yoga teacher and coach. I spent over 30 years working in costumer service, 20 years teaching self leadership skills as well as conflict resolution skills. I spent many years guiding remote river & mountain expeditions from the Yukon to Mexico and enjoyed time working in Europe leading high end trips. To say I have diverse experience is somewhat of an understatement. I’ve lived a full life, and am very grateful for the challenges I met along the way. The challenges gave me the courage to take risks and to become who I am today.

Want to work with me?

  • Appointments are 1 hour long. I recommend 3-5 appointments, but you are not required to commit to anymore then 1 at a time.

There will be pre & post homework to the appointments.

I will check in with you after each appointment via email or phone.

Appointments are $90 per hour – Revelstoke Locals $75 per hour

Email me at or you can find me at or Balu Yoga & Wellness.

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