with Kristie Norquay


Kristie is a Physio + Yoga Therapist with a special interest in pelvic health and pain science. We will spend the afternoon learning, breathing, exercising (gently) and creating a safe, supportive space to ask questions and discuss all things pelvic health related.

In this workshop Kristie will help you:
Take charge of your health; gain the knowledge and support you need to give your body what it needs and take positive action steps at any stage in life.

Make movement feel good again; regain mobility and strength and move with more ease. Improve your deep core muscle system.

Make calm your new normal; reverse the effects of stress in your life. Move towards a mind that is quiet and clear. Understand your nervous system and how stress plays a role in your pelvic health.

If you’ve decided not to resign yourself to “dealing with it” and you’re ready to take charge of your health – please come join us!

Her approach:
Beyond Conventional; Elevating the Norm
A multidisciplinary, science-based approach that breaks out of the box of conventional “physio” or “yoga” therapy. Bringing the best of many worlds of healing to treat the whole person.
Educate & Empower
Taking the time to thoroughly explain and help you understand so you can take an active role in your healing and your health.

Side By Side – We Do This Together & We Have Fun
Taking the time to listen and ease into things. A gentle, light-hearted, and humour-rich approach. Moving slow and steady, taking baby steps, and helping you incorporate this into your day to day life.


Sat. May 12 | 1:00 – 4:00 pm | $65



Refund Policy: Refund of 100% is available up to 3 weeks prior to training. Refund of 75 % is available up to 2 weeks prior to training. Less the 2 weeks (14 days) no refund available.