Empowered Leadership

Sept 29-Oct 1, 2017

with Noelle Bovon & Rachel Reimer

Eagle Pass Lodge Revelstoke, BC

Learn what it takes to be a Great Leader
Do you want to become a leader that influences and motivates others?
Want to lead with confidence?
Learn to enable your fellow leaders and co-workers to grow into their potential
Learn how to set boundaries while build stronger relationships.
Develop the skills to become a solid self leader before leading others.
As a business owner, a thought leader or management you have this incredible untapped resource of your people to help bring in the success you have desire for your company. You just need to know how to tap into that resource in a way that is sustainable, passion driven, inspired and ultimately creates employees that are thrilled to be working for you and keen to do what it takes to be successful.
Great leadership is not a skill for just managers, or business owners. Great leadership is imperative for anyone in the work force, for teachers, for security guards, for construction, for police officers, for private and public sectors, for parents, for writers, for people working from home based offices, and equally for men and women.
Do you want to differentiate yourself in your market place? Or as an employee? Learning to become an empowered leader will give you an advantage over competition in your market place or in your workplace. This is not to say that leadership is about competition, what we are saying is that when you become an Empowered Leader that is powered by kindness, compassion, big & small picture thinking that will make competition irrelevant.
Learn how to develop relationships with your colleagues so that you can work together with your inner networks to create more successful relationships with your clients that bonds and creates long life fans vs. 1 time consumers.
Leadership requires courage, we will help you find courage and support you on your journey as you consistently tap into your inner courage.
If you want to change the culture in your company, home, or any business relationships – be a consistent seeker of developing your own skills and consistently and endlessly growth oriented.
Learn how strong leadership builds innovation, creativity, kindness. How you can change your business and relationships by being an innovator. Become a seeker of finding ways to develop relationships that create a solid foundation in your life so that you are able to be ahead of your time for anticipating your political, economic and social goals.
How you can make a HUGE impact in the world with limited financial resources.
Investment $390
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“Becoming a leader that represents kindness, compassion, courage and the ability to consistently take risks is the backbone to strong leadership”
Noelle Bovon
“Great Leaders are not head down, they see around corners, shaping their future not just reacting to it”
Roselinde Torres
“Great Leaders dare to be different”
Roselinde Torres
Rachel ReimerRachel Reimer: Rachel’s leadership studies began with research on women’s leadership in Palestinian refugee camps, a project for the UN Women’s Program in Lebanon (UNRWA, 2008). She transitioned into wildland fire and took her curiosity about leadership with her. She began leading a wildfire crew in 2012, and took a step off the fireline and into research and advocacy in 2017.
Her MA thesis, The Wildfire Within: Firefighter perspectives on gender and leadership in wildland fire, looked at issues of gender in the profession. It was nominated by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada for the Nelson Mandela Award (2016), and awarded the recommendation of distinction by Royal Roads University (2017). It is the first project of its kind to engage firefighters in open dialogue about gender, using technology to create a safe space, in the midst of a wildland fire community.
In this workshop, Rachel brings her academic study of leadership and her practitioner’s knowledge to support deep learning and personal transformation for leaders seeking to empower their own practice of leadership.

657-8Noelle Bovon: My experience in leadership roles began in 1992, with an awkward and humbling start. I was young, insecure and had the idea that a leader meant controlling and dictating my vision. Little did I understand the fine art of cultivating harmony in a work culture. Since then, I have spent over two decades working in mentor-ship roles. I have worked from the Yukon to Mexico teaching leadership based courses. I’ve built a successful business. I’ve learned how to refine my skills and work with a kinder and more compassionate heart and let go of my  urgency to impress . I have managed & mentored hundreds of people.

I have made – and continue to make – precisely the right mistakes to keep my eyes and heart open to all the ways I can make my mission as authentic and graceful as possible.  I am endlessly inspired to support others in the challenging yet deeply rewarding journey to becoming an authentic, inspired & compassionate leader. To help you become empowered through self-observation and awareness to then guide others as a mentor.  

I am an unwavering optimist, multi-passionate entrepreneur,  endless creator, and committed to helping you realize your full potential. I will help you find your authentic voice, help you understanding what inspires you, and find ways to bring courage to your visions. These skills will help create and cultivate the work environment you have only dreamed of.

As I’ve become more conscious of the staggering deliberateness of the universe, of how every step and perceived misstep I have taken has led me here, my excitement at being able to share my experiences continues to grow: I have been positioned here for a reason, and I am lit up by the possibility of helping you also become intentional, whole-hearted leaders. 

My strength is re-awakening your connection to your intuition, excavating your true voice.  I moved into mindfulness-based leadership once I realized that the old Patriarch style of leadership had run its course and while somewhat effective, it doesn’t produce results that resonated with how I wanted to be in the world.  I understand that when we know who and how we are, we have an easier time leading ourselves and others.

Respectful, enlightened relationships are the foundation of my work.  I know the team is the thing, and I am honoured to be a part of yours. I co-founded the Awakened Leadership Institute in 2017 to share what I have learned in my own experience and to help move people into a more inspired life